• edamame $5

    steamed soy beans, sprinkled with sea salt

  • gyoza $6

    your choice of chicken or vegetable dumplings, steamed or fried, served with ponzu sauce & scallions

  • tuna tataki $11

    thinly sliced pan-seared tuna, served cold with ponzu sauce, scallions & sesame seeds

  • spring rolls $5

    crispy rolls stuffed with ground pork & vegetables served with dipping sauce

  • steak kushiyaki $8.5

    all-natural steak skewers, marinated & grilled

  • miso tofu soup $2.5

    white miso soup garnished with tofu, scallions & wakame

  • summer rolls

    crystal rice noodles, lettuce, carrot & basil wrapped in rice paper, served with peanut-hosin dipping sauce

    - pork belly $8
    - shrimp $9
    - mango & avocado $8

new specials

  • scallop & kobe beef sliders $16

    domestic kobe-style beef, MSC sea scallop, kimchee & spicy mayo

  • bacon fried rice $6

    bacon, egg, pineapple & onion wok-tossed with jasmine rice

sushi tacos

  • (choice of 3 for $7)

    crispy gyoza skin taco served with spicy sauce

  • salmon miso $2.5

    chili garlic topped with sour cream and scallions

  • spicy tuna $2.5

    spicy mayo, masago & lemon zest topped with scallions

  • yellowtail serrano $2.5

    ginger garlic soy topped with red radish


  • lobster seafood cobb $18

    MSC lobster & MSC bay scallops, mixed green, tomatoes, avocado, egg, all-natural bacon, wasabi ranch

  • grilled salmon citrus salad $13

    fresh salmon, mixed greens, edamame beans, cranberries, wonton crisps, yuzu chili vinaigrette

  • thai steak noodle salad $14

    hand-sliced churrasco steak, lettuce, ramen noodles, mango, mint & sesame vinaigrette

  • spicy tuna salad $11

    fresh sushi-grade tuna in our spicy sauce, on bed of mixed field greens with avocado, tossed in balsamic vinaigrette & sesame seeds

  • signature side salad $2.5

    field greens mixed with romaine lettuce served with fresh, home-made ginger-carrot dressing


  • yellowtail $10

    citrus soy & serrano topped with cliantro

  • tuna $9.5

    roasted pineapple and serrano sauce topped with pineapple salsa

  • salmon $9

    aji amarillo, cucumber & tomato

sushi specials

includes your choice of miso soup or salad

  • sushi special lunch $10

    6 pcs nigiri & MSC california roll

  • sashimi special lunch $15

    our chef's choice of 12 pcs assorted sashimi

  • hosomaki combo $10

    tuna hosomaki, MSC california roll & half jb roll


bowl of hot soup noodles topped with nori, kamaboko (fish cake) and boiled egg

  • char-sui roast pork ramen $7

    thin-sliced roast pork and fresh vegetables in tonkatsu broth

  • grilled chicken ramen $8

    grilled all-natural chicken breast and fresh vegetables in tonkatsu broth

  • seafood ramen $9

    kanikama krab, shrimp and fresh vegetables in tonkatsu broth

build your own bowl


(steak and salmon cooked medium, unless otherwise requested)

  • chicken teriyaki $8

    all-natural chicken breast, marinated and simply grilled, served with teriyaki sauce

  • salmon teriyaki $11

    sushi-grade salmon, custom grilled, served with teriyaki sauce

  • churrasco steak teriyaki $11

    tender skirt steak, custom-grilled, served with teriyaki sauce

  • asian salad

    mixed field greens with fresh, home-made ginger carrot dressing

  • steamed rice

    white rice or brown rice

  • quinoa fried rice (add $1)

    rice, quinoa, carrot egg & onion

  • vegetable pad thai (add $1)

    rice noodles, vegetables, egg, bean sprouts, crushed peanuts and lime

"bento" box

all bento combination lunches include miso soup or salad, 2 chicken gyoza, edamame (steamed soy beans), 4 pcs of california roll & veg fried rice

  1. grilled chicken breast $8.5
  2. red curry chicken $8
  3. sashimi selection (5 pcs) $11.5
  4. sushi selection (4 pcs) $10
  5. steak skewers (3 pcs) $11.5
  6. salmon fillet with teriyaki sauce $11.5
  7. spring rolls with dipping sauce (2 pcs) $7.5
  8. Today's bento - ask your server

sushi rolls

  • red dragon reloaded $15

    shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, avocado, ceviche mayo, wasabi greens

  • lemon drop $12

    hand-chopped hamachi, cucumber, freshly torched paper-thin lemon slices, sugarcane soy

  • peking duck roll $13

    roast duck, cucumber, sour cream, scallions in a soy wrapper, wonton crisps & hoisin sauce

  • lobstah roll $15

    MSC lobster, lettuce, avocado, cucumber, qp mayo, wasabi greens

  • spicy pika veggie crunch $8.5

    asparagus, sweet potato, onion, pika sauce

  • cali ocho $7.5

    miami's answer to the cali roll: MSC kanikama krab, plantains, topped with mango and guava puree

  • california roll $5.5

    MSC kanikama krab, avocado, masago & sesame seeds

  • two timing tuna $12

    spicy tuna, avocado & tempura flakes, topped with tuna and sweet mayo

  • rainbow $11

    MSC california roll topped with rainbow of assorted fish, avocado slices & sesame seeds

  • sunshine $7.5

    tuna, avocado & sesame seeds

  • dynamite roll $8

    scallops, shrimp, MSC kanikama krab, qp mayo, masago, scallions & sesame seeds

  • dragon roll $11

    shrimp tempura, masago & avocado, topped with spicy qp mayo, eel sauce & sesame seeds

  • crunchy roll $10.5

    salmon, MSC kanikama krab, asparagus, wrapped in tempura, delicately fried, topped with eel sauce

  • budda-cane $12

    shrimp tempura, avocado, mango, spicy mayo & sugarcane soy

  • the B.I.G $19

    spicy tuna, spicy MSC kanikama krab, eel, shrimp tempura, green tea soba noodles & spicy eel sauce

  • spider roll $10

    soft shell crab, lettuce, asparagus, cucumber, qp mayo, scallions, masago, topped with eel sauce & sesame seeds

bubble tea

  • mango

  • milk tea

  • thai iced tea

  • green tea

  • peach

  • lychee

  • thai iced coffee

  • all flavors $3.5

    make it extra bubbly for another .50